Wednesday, May 26, 2021

CCE2121 celebrating National Road Trip Day - May 28, 2021


 Wow, it has finally arrived, and I have had all my vaccines, so maybe this year can mean a road trip!! May 28th is National Road Trip day!! Your creation might include a map, a wonderful scene, or an exhausting shopping spree to a great out-of-town spot you haven't ventured to in quite some time. You might want to include the car if you would like on your card. Have fun, and if a road trip is still not on your agenda, take a virtual one in your imagination. Celebrating our freedom from COVID is worth doing in whatever way you feel most comfortable!

I don't really have a travel trailer but if dreams could make it real, here it is and I have my little red Ford Focus ready to take an adventure.  These stamps are some oldies but goodies that I purchased as an SU demonstrator (when I had more money than time), so now I use them (when I have less money but  a whole lot more time).  Sometimes in life seems backwards but regards, Life is always good!! The map is of my part of the world, and as the space control towers often reported, "Houston, we have lift off!" My little imagination is lifting me on a great adventure for the National Road Trip of 2021. 

Please check over on the CCEEstampers blogsite  to see all the creations from the team. You can find it here: CCEEstampers 



  1. Fab card, good that some older stamps got to come out to play

  2. Although circumstances keep us homebound, one day..... ONE DAY we will be hitting the road!! If we could get all our crafting gear in that trailer, we would have it made, wouldn't we? Sensational card, Liz. Has me day- dreaming!!

  3. This is so cool! Time and money -- too bad they don't arrive together!

  4. Oh Liz this card is absolutely the fun-est and I love your roadmap as Designer paper! hopefully you won’t need one on your way to your sister’s house - have a great time you two!!