Wednesday, May 18, 2022

CCEE2219 National Dance like a Chicken Day

 Hi friends!

Kelly here with your May challenges!

National Dance Like a Chicken Day was this week ~ so let's have some fun!

This day entertains with people flapping their arms and strutting chicken-like.

Create a card with a chicken(s) as the star!

Dancing is optional :)

My chicken might be doing the chicken version of the bunny hop, but loved that no matter the dance this hick is in motion for sure. The stamps are from Artist Impressions. I used double sided design paper for this card.  

Check over on the CCEEstampers blogsite to see what dancing steps the chicks are up to this week:


  1. Haha love that sentiment, great card

  2. How cute is this!! That is one hopping chicken!! Great job on this dancing chicken challenge, Liz!