Sunday, April 12, 2020

Easter Blessings

I know this is a very different Easter for all of us, but I have probably spent more quality time reflecting on God's love, mercy, and grace more than ever before. Yes, it doesn't quite seem the same but that does not mean that new awareness and the feeling that change is not needed in our world, and more than anything that God needs to be the center of our world and not our selfish, worldly desires. More than any lesson I have learned, I have truly seen that His grace is sufficient in my life. He has provided me with food, I am retired so I have not lost my fixed income, but I am grateful for an income. I have discovered how much joy nature can bring to my day when I watch the birds, squirrels, and lizards hopping around in my backyard. I feel like they are all little messengers from God and bringing reassurance that if God takes care of them, He certainly is mindful of mankind.

Thank you for the promises you give us, God and thank you for never giving up on us. You let us suffer some of the consequences we deserve but I know your mighty hand will pull us out of this fire. Like the silversmith refining the silver to take away the impurities, your watchful eye is on the whole process to retrieve from the fire as not to destroy us but only to burn of the impurities. Have mercy on us, O LORD, and restore a rightful spirit within us. In the name of the name above all others, Christ Jesus, your beloved son. Amen.

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