Wednesday, June 24, 2020

CCEE2026 Celebrating the bald eagle

Vicky is hosting this week and today we celebrate the Bald Eagle. So, Vicky is asking us to  make a card with a bird on it....extra credit if it is a Bald Eagle.  

Vicky's daughter-in-law loves Eagles.  She and her son go to our local lake to spot the Eagles high up in the poles.  The size of their nests is unreal and seeing one in real life is one of life's pleasures!

Have a fun, creative day!

This is my favorite of my bald eagle stamps, which is an old Stampin' Up stamp that I still have. I love to use it on patriotic cards especially around the 4th of July. I decided to use red, white, and blue, and the stars and stripes in my design. That is our country's first flag representing the 13 original colonies that made up the USA at its origin behind the eagle's head. 


  1. I love your card with its majestic eagle! Wonderful composition with your stars and stripes!

  2. I love your silvery stars and wonderful stripes as a platform to showcase this awesome eagle!! Sensational 4th of July design with the 13 star flag!! Love it, Liz!

  3. Love your patriotic card....this oldie is still a beauty!!!

  4. I love the design of your card, Liz. And that's why you should keep your old stamps!!!

  5. Liz - this is wonderful! I love the striking card design and the patriotic feel - so fantastic. the gold is just popping!