Wednesday, January 20, 2021

CCEE2103 National Belly Laugh Day!

 Lynn McAuley is our hostess here with today's CCEE Challenge. Well, you may not have heard, but Sunday is National Belly Laugh Day! Lord knows we all need a good laugh these days so create a card that will have us all laughing out loud! Bonus points if you make me spew my coffee on the computer screen when I see your creation!

As always, if you post to an online gallery that is not your personal blog, please include the keyword or tag CCEE2103. 


  1. Guess I better reign in the laughs!! Love this hilarious card, Liz!! Looks like we were thinking along the same lines.

  2. Oh my - LOL! I guess that DEPENDS on the joke - ba dum tss! LOL! FUN card!

  3. Nothing better for getting a laugh than one of those great AI ladies!

  4. This is so fun! Those ladies are a hoot! They don't mind saying anything at all and it makes us laugh! Wonderful layout!