Wednesday, January 6, 2021

CCEE2101 Life Changes

 Hello and welcome to a new year of challenges with the CCEE Stampers. We are so happy that you have stopped by to see us today! My name is Lynn McAuley, and I will be posting challenges for the month of January.

A new year usually means New Year's Resolutions. For the first challenge of 2021, I am asking that you feature something that you could add to or subtract from your life to improve the quality of your physical or mental health. Your card can be tongue-in-cheek or the real deal. You decide!

Should you post your design to an online gallery other than your blog, please use keyword CCEE2101.

I have just started a 40 Day Sugar Fast. The book, The 40 Day Sugar Fast by Wendy Speake is helping me get started and it includes prayers and scriptures as it will take the help of God to help me accomplish this. My card today was made with the big not allowed sign over all those candy jars on the design papers. I know God will give me my strength to accomplish this. Here is my card for my reminder:

I will be doing some spiritual journaling along with this so that I can write about how the Lord and I can overcome this stronghold in my life and will write prayers that I can reread to help me through the difficult days. 


  1. Oh my friend, I wish you luck in this journey and love that you are pulling from your faith to get you through! This is a lovely card, great verse! Happy New Year, LIz!

  2. Good luck with your no sugar journey, it’s definitely a good goal to have

  3. What a perfect card for your sugar-free journey. I know you will come out of these 40 days healthier and happier! Best wishes to complete this life-change!

  4. How clever is this one! Good luck with your 40-day plan. I'm sure the prayers will help along your journey.