Thursday, July 29, 2021

CCEE2130 International Tiger Day

 Today is International Tiger Day.  Lois; challenge for this week is to include a tiger (or other cat) on your card -- tiger, lion, your own little tabby (you get the idea).

Check out the samples the team left over on the CCEEstampers website:

This is the only tiger I have in my collection. So I used this MFP tiger from a set long ago. I had fun with this layout and tried to make use of some of the colors from the background design paper. 


  1. Great layout for your awesome tiger! The white added to the eyes make him look so fierce!!

  2. We were on the same wavelength for this challenge, Liz! That stamp is a favorite of mine. Love the way you added the white to his eyes -- makes them bore right through you!