Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Hi everyone!
Kelly is here with our challenges for March!
Monday was Fun Facts about Your Name Day.
What does your name mean?
Briefly research the meaning of your name and create a card!

If you can't find your name directly, create a card 
based on a few letters IN your name ..
i.e. K = Kite, E = enamel dots, L = lavender

Elizabeth means Oath of God. Wasn't sure how to illustrate that, so I went with using some of the letters of my name. E - the word Enjoy, L is for lavender and leaves, I is for ivory cardstock, and Z for zentangling. I love the doodle and a few years ago I discovered the art of zentangling. So here is an original one I drew just for this challenge. Hope you like it.


  1. I am over the top impressed! Your "doodling" looks soooo professional...your colors are outstanding and your card is soooo pretty! Well done, my friend!!

  2. I wouldn't have known how to express your name either!! Love how your card looks...........great job 'doodling" and fab colors!

  3. Brilliant example of zentangle! Your card is just lovely.

  4. The colors and patterns are divine on your gorgeous original zentangle!! What a fabulous use of your God given talent!! Beautiful work, sister of mine!! So proud of you and your many talents!!

  5. Like Lynn, I am so proud of your many talents and so glad you share them with all of us! Elizabeth was my son's name - had he been a girl :) So you know I love it and how you showed your signature zentangle - beautiful rendition of using the letters!

  6. when I think of zentangles, I think of you....this is a gorgeous creation