Wednesday, December 8, 2021

CCEE2149 Family Traditions


The spider brings luck – Ukraine


Here is Lynn's challenge for us this week:

Lynn McAuley here with this week's CCEE Stampers Challenge. If your family is like mine, there are certain family traditions that show up at each of your Christmas celebrations together. I am challenging each of the CCEE Stampers and their fans to create a holiday card which depicts on the front of his/her design a favorite or an unusual Christmas tradition shared by family members each and every year.

I'm thinking that mine might just be the wackiest! Do you know of anyone else who dresses up a yellow rubber chicken to gift to one lucky family member? I can't wait to learn about the holiday traditions in your family! 

Please use Mr. Linky found over on the cceestampers site HERE to this challenge. If posting to an online gallery other than your blog, include keyword CCEE2149.

Happy stamping!!

Many years ago a sweet friend of mine made a beautiful beaded spider that hung from a clear fishing line that looked like a glimmering spider web. This is a custom from the Ukraine that is a sign of good luck if you find a spider web on your Christmas tree on Christmas morning. So every year I hang this adorable little spider on my tree. It looks like it is dangling by its spider web as it hangs from the branch. 

I stamped the pine needles  ( a Unity stamp) in green distress oxide ink. I added little gemstones to represent little lights on the tree. I stamped the spider in gray ink and then took copic makers in various colors to dot the legs to look like multicolored beads like the one on my tree has. The body sections of the spider are done in gemstones as well. I used a sparkle pen to make the glimmering thread the spider is dangling from. 


  1. What a delightful tradition with the spider web. I'll have to look more closely at my tree as the days go by. (A good excuse not to dust!)

  2. I have not seen your spider!! I will be looking for it the next time I am at your house!! What a fun good luck charm for your Christmas tree!!