Wednesday, October 2, 2019


Kelli is the hostess for October.  She tells us that "today is National Techies Day.  I am so grateful to have the technology that we do!  Create a card with something 'techy' on it (computers, cell phones, etc.) or simply create a thank you card (if need be!)" 

Mine is done with two bugs having a conversation. The ant is from Momento and the grasshopper is from Stampin' Up. It says, Ant: Where's your antenna?  The grasshopper: I've gone digital. 
The only thing I found with technological stuff on it was this paper, which it appears my sister, Lynn has too. I saw this joke on Pinterest.  


  1. Well, you and Lynn were definitely shopping at the same place this morning! Cute bugs -- fun conversation!

  2. Hee, hee, hee! I love this card. It's not a surprise that you and your sis used the same bg dp! Thanks for a fun card, mf!

  3. Ha ha ha! Love the bug talk. Cool card!

  4. How fun is this!! Even the bugs are getting on the technology wagon!!

  5. Okay, your sister bond is amazing even in paper crafting! This is a hoot! What a creative touch to the Techie Day!